Rein Audio - The New Brand of Audio
Rein Audio - The New Brand of Audio

Unexpected Ultimate Sound!


REIN AUDIO is a newly brand from a German designer. REIN AUDIO, explained as Pure Audio, is designed based on pure audio. 

Rein Audio Product Series

Rein Audio DAC - Upsampling 192kHz DAC

Unexpected Ultimated Sound!

X3-DAC Digital Audio decoder is the upgrade version of DAC (Digital Analogy Converter) designed by Rein Audio. Upsampling 192kHz DAC.

Two Digital to analog conversion chips WM8741, produced by British company WOLFSON, are used for the decoder chips. CS8416 have been chosen for the digital receiver chips after an extensive selection process. Two WM8741 chips works in stereo mode while CS8416 supports a 24BIT/192KHZ sample rate. Compared to a regular receiver chip, it is adapted to a higher quality sound source. Currently the popular DIR9001 sold in the market, only supports a 24BIT 96KHZ sampling rate at most. But the CS8416 is able to bring all the potential of a decoder chip into full play.

Rein Audio - Headphone Amplifier


X-Phone - Headphone Amplifier 


• The X-Phone is a high-quality headphone amplifier which has been developed and designed for headphones with a nominal impedance between 30 and 600 ohms.
• The special circuit design provides an impressing natural sound reproduction with an excellent resolution and spatiality.
• The powerful mains adapter avoids dynamic distortions.
• Although we have developed the X-Phone for use with our Premium Line headphones, you can use also headphones of other manufacturers.
• The X-Phone is ideal for very different impedances, because the high output impedance at the headphone socket ensures that the range
of the volume potentiometer remains ideal even for low-impedance transducers.
• Intelligent circuit design with microcontroller capable of 96 kHz
• Volume control with high-quality ALPS potentiometer
• Large dimensioned toroidal core transformator for high fidelity of impulse and dynamics
• One stereo inputs for sound sources
• LED to indicate the active signal input and power on.
• Rhodium plated audio sockets for perfect signal transmission

Rein Audio Cable - Xignatur Series


REIN AUDIO – Xignatur series - 6n OFC professional Hi-end cable

Accumulated with years of research and design experience, the highest technology of making cable and unique tuning techniques are all put into the Xignatur series of the whole new brand REIN AUDIO. The new conductor transmission technology uses refined top copper cable, 6N OFC (99.99997%) as the main part of the signal transmission. They are equipped with expensive “carbon fiber” from the factory and high-density polypropylene material as the outer inclusion lines (which effectively prevents EMI/RFI interference). The addition of perfect 24K gold-plated connection terminals prevents oxidation and improves the stability, while efficiently enhancing the performance of the signal transmission. It truly shows the delicate texture of sound and has magnificent sound field cohesion, all the while perfectly reflecting the depth and dimension of the stages.

Xingatur Series:

Speaker cable (3M)

RCA (1M) (2M)

XLR Interconnection (1.5M)

Power Cord (1.5M)

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Rein Audio - Unexpected Ultimate Sound!